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The Schedule

Donald Lawrence Presents Edwin Hawkins Music & Arts Global


4:00-6:00pm : Registration
6:00- 8:00pm: Global Choir Session I
8:00-8:30pm: Break
9:00-11:00pm: Global Choir Session II

7:30-10:00am: Registration
9:00-9:45am: To Start the Day Meditation
10:00-11:30am: Global Choir session III
12:00-1:15pm: Break
1:30-2:45pm: Global Choir – Session IV
3:00-5:30pm: Global Choir Session V
7:30-10:30pm: Music + Arts Choir Showcase

8:00-11:00am: Registration
9:00-9:45am: To Start the Day Meditation
10:00am – 12:00pm: **Musicians Master Class
8:00-11:00pm: Finale Concert

About Us

Inspiring the next generation of Gospel and Inspirational Choir Creatives. For many years, The Legendary Edwin Hawkins, changed and shaped lives through his wonderful Music & Arts seminar. We look forward to honoring his legacy and his wishes by hosting Donald Lawrence Presents Edwin Hawkins Music & Arts Global for the first time in London, England April 27-29, 2023.

We believe that choir music is powerful, inclusive and exhibits universal love to the world. Music + Arts Global brings together some of the most remarkable, innovative singers musicians and choir creatives of our time from around the world to inspire and educate the global choir community.


  • Gaumont State Theatre

197-199 High Road Kilburn NW6 7HY


1. Music & Arts Global 2023


2. And The Background Sings
(Anatomy of creating a sound)


3. The Choir Live
(Live choir sound engineering live choir recording Master Class introducing venue flex technology)


4. Accompanying The Choir
(Musicians Master Class)
5. The Choir & Dance Theatre
(expanding your presentation)


6. The Choir & Fashion
(Dressing your choir)


7. Choir Masters Collective
(Choir Stories and Inspirational Testimonies)


8. A Songwriter’s Point Of View
(Songwriter’s Song Stories)
9. Individual Choirs Showcase
Mass Choir Rehearsal # Session I
Mass Choir Rehearsal Session II
Mass Choir Rehearsal Session III
Mass Choir Rehearsal Session IV
Mass Choir Rehearsal Session V


10. Finale Concert
Saturday April 29th 7PM


11. Mass Choir Featuring Guest Choir Masters closing with


12. Hawkins & Hawkins
(The Music Of Edwin & Walter Hawkins featuring M&A Global Mass Choir + The Choir Masters Vocal Collective)


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